maandag 24 oktober 2011

IAW Newsletter October 2011

Dear members,
In this newsletter a look at the IAW Board Meeting held in the beautiful country of Iceland when Board members evaluated 2011 and prepared for 2012. See also the inquiry of the IAW Commission on Health on the IAW website.
This month the world will welcome its 7 billionth baby, probably born in the Asia and Pacific Region. If it is a girl, will there still be a Commission on the Status of Women when she is twenty? Anyway, the main topic of CSW, the position of rural women, is momentarily discussed worldwide by many women organisations. Registration will be opened soon.
We were pleasantly surprised this month when three women activists received the Nobel Peace Prize.
The position of women in the Middle East has improved, but there is still a long way to go.
There is also improvement in acknowledging the important role of women in food production, in guarding the environment and in fighting desertification, but will women get the necessary tools, such as the right to own land and to be educated?
Still, there are opportunities. In Papua New Guinea women are calling the shots on a big Copper Mine - no opening without preserving human rights, social cohesion, environment and culture.
With kind regards,

Joke Sebus

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