zondag 23 januari 2011

newsletter IAW - januari 2011

Dear IAW-members,
Good news! In this first newsletter of 2011 we 
can announce the start of UN Women on January the 
1st, with a new website too. More good news is 
the nomination of the Women of Distinction Award 
for Dr. Kaosar Afsana, Bangladesh!
IAW is preparing for CSW - with two Parallel 
Events. There will be at least 17 IAW members 
attending CSW including those in delegations from 
several countries. The new IAW Executive team has 
been busy finalising the minutes of Congress and updating the IAW website.
The many natural disasters during the last year 
is very worrying. There should be more 
preventative measures, good governance and 
scientific research on climate change, yes, but where are the women?
Women of South Sudan are dreaming of 
independence. We found an interesting NGO on the 
internet, the Asia Pacific Forum on Women Law and 
Development (APWLD). Highly recommended!
And the number of women in leading positions in 
the world is slowly but steadily rising; we even have more women on stamps!
With kind regards,
Joke Sebus

Zie http://www.womenalliance.org/newsletter.html

Word lid van Vrouwenbelangen als je, met ons, vindt dat Gelijk Staatsburgerschap voor vrouwen in Nederland nog niet bereikt is. Kijk voor meer informatie op http://www.vrouwenbelangen.nl/vereniging/index.htm

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